Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This show is now called "Afraid of Everyday Living" with Dj Reefer Franklin


Kinski - Steve's Basement
The Embarrassment - Don't Choose the Wrong Song
Redd Kross as the Lovedolls - Beer & Ludes
Distorted Pony - Powerless
Emma - (i forgot)
Sonic Youth - Sweet Shine
Parliament Funkadelic - Chocolate City *request by Mr. Bad*
Ectomorph - Subversion
Caroliner - Fanged Hymen Flee in Terror
Rendered Useless - Personal Hell
Winter Hours - Walk Away
Uzi - Collection
Uncle Wiggly - Big Epic
The Soldier String Quartet (Elliott Sharp) - Diurnal
Oingo Boingo - I'm Afraid
Galen - Drain the Serpents
Sword Sandal - Untitled
Peter Brotzmann & Peeter Uuskyla - Born Broke
Henri Pousseur - L'air et L'eau
King Crimson - Coda: I Have a Dream

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