Friday, November 4, 2011

Gradual uploading of epic shows you may have missed, and which I miss, and which we can relive, together,..

Unwound in 1995 photo, Stephen Zeigler

Wednesday, Oct 19th, 2011


in chronological order...

Weird War - If You Can't Beat 'em, Bite 'em
Robert Wyatt - Yolanda
Youth in Asia - I am a Window
Wolf Eyes - untitled (2d track off Slicer)
Sunny Murray - Complete Affection
Corporal Blossome - Plastic Job
Taboo - Molly Malone
Mammal - Days into Days
Loren Conners - Red Mars II
Viv Akauldren - Barnacle Boot
Psychic TV - I.C. Water
Let's Active - Edge of the World
Unwound - Nervous Energy
Sonic Youth - Beautiful Plateau
John Cage - A Flower
The Zombies - It's Alright
Uncle Wiggly - Oven
Opal - Relevation
Cabaret Voltaire - Kirlian Photograph


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